January 09, 2011

After Mean Creek / Before the Fall

I finally got around to scanning the last image we made with my camera before it tumbled of a cliff. My friend, Raina and I were talking yesterday about how interesting and ironic it is that the last photo we made was this very ominous one -- where I look as if I may be dead. We had just seen a movie called Mean Creek, which was set in Oregon and involved the accidental killing of a bully. When we set out to make a picture, with this on our minds, as well as the very typical Oregon weather we ended up this image. When we tried to take another -- slightly too near a cliff -- the camera fell to its untimely demise in the river bellow. So sad.

"In the fog"
Photo credits: Josh Begley, Raina Carter, Adam Coddington, Helen Jones, Brent Smith

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