June 23, 2010

Some summer attempts (Part I)

It seems that the summer has flown past. We had some grand ideas of pictures to take this summer, some which worked out and some which didn't. We had a great time with the process even when they didn't work out. I thought we would share some of our attempts with you today!
When making this picture our inspirations were as diverse as: old paintings of planters and farmers, growing interest in urban farming, and our generations – serious - love of looking everything up on the internet. Somehow, the light was amazing as we were setting up, but did not come out so well in the negative. In addition, we had many little details set up that did not come thorough, such as a copy of ‘gardening for dummies’ lying around. Ah well, here is the picture all the same.

"Beta Gardening"
Photo credits: Abby Banks, Ashley Carey, Henry Dunn, Helen Jones

And here are some examples of the types of paintings we were referencing.

L: Jean Francois Millet, Potato Planters R: VanGogh, Farmers Planting Potatoes 1884

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