June 24, 2010

Some summer attempts (Part II)

One of my favorite ideas from this summer was the 'bikers/banners' plot. This was a truly ambitious plan to take a photo of a group of bikers with encouraging banners flying behind their bikes. It was inspired by a Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher project called "Learning to Love You More". The project involved a website where art assignments were posted, the resulting work was compiled on the site and in a book of the same name. I highly recommend checking them out. Here I will post a couple examples of the assignment that inspired us: Assignment #63 Make an encouraging banner.
R:Wheat Wurtzburger and Anna Kerlin, Orlando, Florida USA L: Claire and Tim, Winchester, ENGLAND

R: Ashley Valverde, Kansas City, Missouri USA L: Ashley, Washington, D.C. USA

The four by fives did not come out, however we did get some cool shots with digital cameras and had a lot of fun. Abby posted a couple of pics of the event on her blog (abbybanks.blogspot.com) find them here: Abby Banks: the gang's all here.

"Nice Try"
Photo credits: Abby Banks, Raina Carter, Kia Ladd-Griffin, Aiden O'Donell, Helen Jones, Sarah Rice, Josh Steele

Thanks, especially to the riders... Kia Ladd-Griffin, Aiden O'Donell, and Josh Steele.

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