August 31, 2010


One more picture from the Alsea. This cabin was really quirky and intriguing so we wanted to make sure to get it in a photo. I like how everyone is interacting in this shot, especially the dog, Hunter, who is looking straight at the camera during the whole exposure. The lighting was really nice too. If you look closely I am sure you can guess why we call it 'bigfoot'.

Photo credits: Raina Carter, Sage Hilbush, Elias Himberger, Hunter, Helen Jones

Ukes by the Alsea

Here are our first few photo's taken on the west coast. I (Helen) have recently moved to Portland Oregon. I am hoping to start a Large Format Group here, and hoping the original LFG will keep going in Vermont. I think it could be a really cool exchange, and it will be interesting to see how the styles of the two groups evolve. These pictures were taken at a really awesome cabin next to the Alsea River (thanks Lindsay) in Oregon. It was so pretty we just wanted to sing out and play ukes.

"Ukes by the Alsea I and II"
Photo credits: Raina Carter, Helen Jones, Brent Smith

August 30, 2010

Look up!

A while back my roomate Ashley and I were trying to make a quick trip to the supermarket when we became distracted by the amazing lighting and sky. Half way to the store we turned around and went on a search for the perfect patch of sky. This is the result.

"Look up!"
Photo credits: Ashley Carey, Helen Jones

August 29, 2010

Esty Picture

Here is the first of the new photos I will be posting. It's also, the one of the last of the photos I took with the LFG in Vermont before moving to Portland. It was taken at the old Esty organ buildings in Brattleboro Vermont. We were inspired by old photographs of factory workers, plus the buildings are just so cool.

"Coffee break"
Photo credits: Ashley Carey, Raina Carter, Barbara George, Helen Jones

August 28, 2010


Our most recent batch of film has been processed and scanned! There are a couple photos that made the long journey west with me, plus a few taken here in the Portland area! I am working on getting them all up within the next few days.