June 07, 2010

Another Still Life

"After lemonade series"
photo credits: Ashley Carey, Henry Dunn, Helen Jones

We took another stab at a still life the other day. We used window light this time and came up with nice results! I am pleased with the odd angle of the glass in the front -- it looks like its floating or something and I love the little strawberry in the corner of the bottom one. We had the dead flowers and butterfly as a centerpiece on our kitchen table for a couple of weeks, I'm glad they made it into the pictures too. We looked at old still life paintings as inspiration (for examples see my earlier still life post). The twisted lemon peel and skull motifs were taken from these paintings. On a more contemporary note, the images are very reminiscent of Laura Letinsky's work. Especially the slightly skewed angles, she works with large format cameras and often uses interesting angles to give her images of everyday objects on table-tops a more interesting and dynamic feel.

Untitled, #54, Hardly More Than Ever series, 2002Untitled, #23, Hardly More Than Ever series, 1999
Lara Letinski, L: Untitled, #54, R: Untitled, #23, Hardly More Than Ever series, 1999

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