May 12, 2010

Stuff we've been doing and and stuff we've been hiding

Just so you know - we haven't abandoned our project. We had a very sad experience with a box of film being stolen. So we have slowed our picture taking a bit. Also, we like things to be just so. But today we thought we might show you a few pictures that hadn't made it onto the web yet, some we plan on retaking, some were taken on the side at other shots - stuff like that. They haven't been corrected fully either, so you will get to see the process a bit here.

"Invisible kites"
Photo credits: Ashley Carey, Courtney Carey, Henry Dunn, Jason, Helen Jones, Sarah Rice

"Sitting mid-adventure"
Photo credits: Abby Banks, Henry Dunn, Helen Jones

"Tunnel, tire, boots, bones"
Photo credits: Ashley Carey, Helen Jones

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