March 09, 2010

A still life

"Still life with dead daffodils"
Photo Credit: Helen Jones, Martha Jones

Recently I listened to a lecture by photographers Laura McPhee and Abelardo Morell about an exhibition called The Poetry of Everyday Life: Dutch Paintings in Boston Collections which showed at the MFA several years back. In it they talked about what they like about the paintings and how it could relate to their photographic work. I found it very interesting. I have always loved Vermeer and his sense of light, this made me want to look at more Dutch paintings for inspiration. Abe in particular talked about still lives, tabletop scenes, and what they can symbolize -- which is often excess and waste. Here my mom and I tried to make our own more modern and modest still life. Below are some of the types of paintings that we allude to.

Pieter Claesz "Still Life with Roemer, Tazza and Watch" /
Willem Claesz "Still-Life with Gilt Goblet"

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